Customer Service; A Core Leadership Focus

Most leaders strive to be the best in their industry or to be the best at what they do.

Many also endeavor to insure their firms or work groups provide great customer service. Along the way, some of those same leaders can forget that the best model of customer service needs to come from their own example.  

A truly great leader provides superior customer service to their team and everyone they encounter.

Looking for a great example or reminder to challenge yourself or your team? It has been said that customer service is an attitude, not a department. I have found you can look high and low in the corporate environment – and some of the best examples of extraordinary customer service are NOT found at the top.

Fred Shea the postman, chronicled in the book, The Fred Factor written by Mark Sanborn, provides a great example for leaders at all levels. The first principle of the book is; “everyone can make a difference.”

Check out the book and the website and commit to make a difference in your customer service attitude!

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