David W. Hewett

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"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

– John Maxwell

Client Services

Dave is a gifted speaker, mentor and consultant. Available for one-on-one training, seminars, corporate wide strategic planning or transition planning and leadership, Dave will partner with you to achieve your personal and corporate goals.

Consulting Services

In all consulting and teambuilding services, practicums and real-life applications are emphasized, not theories and textbooks.

Members of your team will experience growth individually and as a team as they learn to set priorities, work towards a common goal, and evaluate their individual performance and their performance as a team.

These in-depth strategic planning services will provide organizational assessments and the development of roles and responsibilities – whether you are creating an organization from the ground up, revising the strategy of your organization, or planning for organizational change.

Dave will help you lead your organization or department through change necessitated by growth, new vision and direction, a shift in vision and goals, or new leadership and employees.

This involves the reorganization and improvement of internal and customer facing processes, including the review and evaluation of current processes and “playbook” development.

Dave seeks to empower leaders by assisting them in creating teams and growth opportunities for their employees.

Obtain the skills you need to define, create, and motivate a productive team.

This customized program will create more effective and synergistic teams for your organization through a 12-15 month in-depth mentoring period. The best of leadership principles, practices and team building skills from a variety of proven leaders will be harnessed and applied to your organization’s situation.

Board Services

“David Hewett is a masterful planner. His great foresight in setting up and running a programmatic approach to an organization made us highly efficient, increasing our profitability.”

– Craig DeMiranda, Lee & Associates

Learn how to lead a board through the strategic planning process. This will teach you how to define and refine the vision of an organization, evaluate or create a strategic plan, and develop the team needed to execute the plan.

Through one-on-one mentoring, Dave will take you to the next level of leadership by teaching you how to work more effectively with your employees to ensure success in your organization.

This partnership is characterized by a personal approach and an individualized plan designed to guide an executive to success and maximizing their own abilities.


“Dave not only provided the tools for his managers to succeed, he created an environment that energizes those around him to constantly strive to reach their maximum potential. In summary, when Dave arrived, we felt his presence, and when he left, we felt his absence.”

Mary K. Sutton, former Corporate Real Estate and Security, Comerica Bank

The Empowered Leader – This seminar focuses on defining and exploring the four foundations of leadership. Designed for teams and/or individuals to see how integrity, vision, focus on the future and passion are the heart and soul of an empowered leader.

Who Am I – This seminar will help you find your skills and leadership style.

Find, Build and Keep Great Teams These are principles and strategies for bringing the right people on board to build effective teams. Find out the keys to creating and growing teams that will move your company to the next level of excellence.

A Leader’s Perspective on Change – This seminar teaches how to view change in order to effectively lead your organization.

Heart, Soul, and Mind

Dave’s desire is to help men gain a better understanding of their roles as leaders in the family, church, and at work. Wherever you are in your journey, Dave will work with you to motivate, empower, or encourage your group.

Dave has taken the roots of Biblical leadership and transformed them into talks and seminars that will help men gain a better understanding of their roles as leaders in the family, church and at work.

For over 30 years, Dave has been teaching in the church – from Sunday school classes to leading a full weekend men’s retreat. Wherever your group is in their journey, Dave will work with you to motivate, empower, and encourage your group.

Shepherding with Grace This shepherd and sheep model from Shepherding Grace Ministries provides practical insight and teaching for those who want to enter into a “daily grace relationship” and have the abundant life God promises. It is applicable to friendships, marriages, families, Christian leadership, business, and more.

  • Daniel the Leader – Using the book of Daniel, Dave uses the lessons here to equip today’s men to be the leaders God intends them to be.
  • Biblical Leadership – One of Dave’s specialties is customizing his leadership material to a specific group. Dave can create a custom talk or workshop designed just for your organization.

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