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Faith Based Organizations

Men's leadership retreats - Dave has taken the roots of Biblical leadership and transformed them into talks and seminars that will help men gain a better understanding of their roles as leaders in the family, church and at work.

Saturday breakfast speaker – for over 30 years Dave has been teaching in the church from Sunday school classes to leading a full weekend men's retreat. Wherever your group is in their journey, Dave will work with you to motivate, empower or encourage your group.

Speaking topics and workshops

Shepherding With Grace – working with Shepherding Grace Ministries, Dave brings to your group the ministries of Bob and Dottie Bingham (www.shepherdinggrace.org). Bob and Dottie have dedicated many years writing, teaching and discipling others to focus on Christ's power.

Shepherding Grace – this shepherd and sheep model provides practical insight and teaching for those who want to have the abundant life God promises
  • Provides an understanding of God's grace
  • Presents God's grace as personified in Jesus Christ
  • From Genesis to Revelation this shepherding model is evident in the Bible and applicable to friendships, marriages, families, Christian leadership, business and more
  • Learn how to enter into a "daily grace relationship" so you can experience joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment no matter what circumstances you face

Gracestoration – dedicated to the restoration and renewal of God’s people:
  • Encourage believers in their Christian lives
  • Equip believers to reach out to others with the transforming message of God’s grace
  • Discover God’s grace for daily living
  • Claim His desire to restore His redemptive designs for Christians

Daniel the Leader – using the book of Daniel, Dave uses the lessons here to equip today’s men to be the leaders God intends them to be.

Biblical Leadership – one of Dave's specialties is customizing his leadership material to a specific group. Be sure and check out the topics under "Client Services – Consulting" to start thinking about how Dave can create a custom talk or workshop designed just for your organization.

Traveling Prayer Partners – this devotional email is created and distributed weekly to provide prayer support and encouragement to those who travel for business & ministry, and for the families they leave at home. Sign up for Traveling Prayer Partners by sending an email to Dave. dave@hewetts.net

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