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Consulting Services

"David promotes, and practices, the kind of leadership that makes you want to do a good job... not just because you should. He knows how to recognize skill sets within individuals and organizations, and how to mold them into a collaborative whole."

Mike Lyner, RSP i-SPACE

Organizational Strategic Planning – in-depth strategic planning services:
  • Organizational assessments
  • Roles and responsibilities review and development
  • Creating (or re-creating) an organization from the ground up
  • Planning for the changing roles of an organization
  • Managing internal organizational change
  • Revised strategy of the organization
  • Review and implementation of an outsourcing program

Change Management – lead an organization or department through change necessitated by:
  • Growth
  • New vision / direction
  • Shift / change in vision or goals
  • New leadership or employees

Process Management - review or reorganization of internal or customer facing processes:
  • Review and evaluation of current processes
  • "Playbook" development
  • Improvement or standardization of process and process management

Leadership Development - identify, grow and empower leaders:
  • Transform managers into leaders
  • Help leaders define and create teams
  • Assist leaders in creating and providing growth opportunities for their managers
  • Empower employees to be leaders

Team Building and Development - define, create, build and motivat a productive team:
  • Team dynamics
  • Team synergy
  • Build a team from the ground up
  • Communicate a shared vision
  • Cretae, organize and define the roles and responsibilities of a team

Gut Level Mentoring™ - this customized program will create more effective and synergistic teams for your organization through a 12-15 month in-depth mentoring period:
  • Senior leadership's goals and objectives are the basis for this program tailored for your organization
  • A solid process of working with internal teams and customer facing teams will be established
  • The best of leadership principles, practices and team building skills from a variety of proven leaders and practitioners are harnessed and applied to your organization's situation

Members of your team will:
  • Experience growth individually and as a team as they learn to set priorities
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Evaluate their individual performance and their performance as a team

In all consulting and teambuilding services, practicums and real life application are emphasized, not theories and textbooks.
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